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Is Pisa Worth Visiting?​

The answer is Yes, Indeed!

Let’s travel to a low and very marshy ground. Yes, you heard me right; this adjective tells the whole story of the Pisa Tower, more specifically why it’s leaning…

This story has been truly amazing… hasn’t it? In fact, we can stop here… and there… my shortest blog post..

Alright, jokes aside, I want to start with a few facts, as always, just to paint a clear picture of my travel destination. A relatively small city, with just close to 100 thousand in population, it still caught my attention for having a lot to offer as a city where well-being is a thing. (check out my new facts table and let me know what else should be added.)

Oh, and listen to this: how well the city aligns with a popular Italian saying, “Dolce far niente” (sweetness (of) doing nothing) This quote significantly inspires me. 

It might be one of the most underrated mindfulness activities that technology has robbed from our lives as we pursue something… 

I could write the whole article about it… maybe I will! 

However, I will stop now by saying that Italians know how to take advantage of the present moment by doing nothing. I would like to rephrase it by saying they know how to allow their minds and bodies to experience complete relaxation… and I mean their spa hotels help with that too.

Facts about Pisa

Population (2021)91,104
Area185,71 sq/m
ElevationLowest: 0m; Highest: 60m
Famous PeopleGalileo Galilei, Antonio Pacinotti,
Andrea Bocelli

What Pisa is all about?

city Of Pisa


Italy in Movies

You know what’s a fun thing I do before I head out to places like Italy? 

I love checking out if there’s a cool movie that really captures the vibe of the area. So, if you’re ever planning a trip to Verona, you absolutely have to watch ‘Letters to Juliet’ from 2010. 

It’s got that authentic Italian charm all over it. Plus, they take a trip to the Tuscany region, where you’ll find Pisa – check out those breathtaking landscapes and charming villages!

And speaking of movies, I recently caught ‘House of Gucci.’ It’s set all over Italy, from Lake Como to Milan, Florence, and more. 

I’ve got my list of must-watch films all set for my cozy autumn evenings. I’m pretty sure they’ll flood me with memories and maybe even nudge me into planning another trip to those amazing places soon. 

By the way, if you’ve got any great Pisa, or Itlay-themed movie suggestions, I’m all ears!


Some historical information about Pisa Italy

Leaning tower of pisa in italy

Before coming to Pisa, I knew very little, I mean, all I had in mind was that iconic leaning tower. 

But hey, that’s what travel does, right? It opens up a whole new world and changes your perspective. I’m seriously grateful for every adventure.

“Pisa” in ancient Greek means “marshy land,” which might have some connection to the city’s name and its famous leaning tower.

Builders began constructing the Leaning Tower of Pisa in the 12th century, and it took over two centuries to complete. Remarkably, the tower started leaning shortly after they built it, only reaching a height of 3 meters. 

Over time, they made multiple efforts to stabilize it and ensure visitor safety. Experts explain that, according to all calculations, this tower should have collapsed long ago, and there’s a constant risk of it happening in the near future.

Although the government has made efforts to prevent such an occurrence, most of these attempts seems to have made the leaning worse. 

As a result, the area around the tower has been closed multiple times due to the possibility of collapse. Nevertheless, until that happens, witnessing the tower’s unique state is a truly captivating experience. 

It serves as a reminder of how even the most robust stone structures, which have stood for centuries, can be surprisingly vulnerable. I am amazed to see it still standing.


"Mura di Pisa" or the walls of Pisa

Another notable attraction in Pisa is the “Mura di Pisa”, which encircled the city’s main area and were constructed around the same time as the Leaning Tower.

These walls stretch an impressive 3.1 kilometers in length and reach a height of 11 meters, making them impossible to ignore. 

I am happy I had the opportunity to walk it and enjoy a panoramic view of the historic city from above, making it an essential part of any visit to Pisa.


Cattedrale di Pisa - Duomo

Cattedrale di Pisa - Duomo

The Cattedrale di Pisa, also known as the Duomo, is an absolute must-visit when you’re in the Pisa, Italy. 

It’s the third gem on my list of places to explore. Located right alongside the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, this cathedral is a true marvel and one of Tuscany’s architectural wonders.

Back in the day, when they built this masterpiece, it wasn’t just any cathedral—it was the largest in all of Europe, maybe even the world! 

The people of Pisa had a point to prove, and that was showcasing their might to the entire world. The architecture is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and it might even remind you a bit of the “Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba”, I wrote about it here

You see, they were on a mission to create something entirely unique, and they decided to blend various architectural styles from different cultures and religions. This fusion is what we now call Pisan Romanesque.

I encourage you to step inside, as the interior will take your breath away. It’s a truly impressive sight. 

So, make sure you add the Cattedrale di Pisa to your list of must-see places—it’s a journey into history and art that you won’t want to miss.



Eating in Pisa Italy

Oh and you already know, Italy is a food lover’s paradise! Should I even dive into the culinary scene here? 

Absolutely, every time! 

Even before my landing, I was already dreaming about my perfect welcome meal – pizza, a glass of Prosecco, and of course, tiramisu. 

But my culinary journey throughout the entire week was a rollercoaster of flavors. I couldn’t resist trying all kinds of seafood pasta’s, exploring different wines, sipping on Aperol, countless gelato and treating myself to a variety of other mouthwatering dishes…

And let me spill the beans about my morning ritual in Italy actually this is my friends from Italy recomendation – it starts with a walk to the nearest, and let’s be real, the most local looking café, nothing fancy, just few italians drinking their esspeso. 

Order a hot cup of cappuccino paired with their local croissant around 1euro for each is the secret. It’s a steal, especially if you’re staying a bit farther from the city center. Can you believe I couldn’t afford the hotels I’m reccomending them here?

About the Author:

Emma works as a teacher, while chasing her dream to become full time traveler and blogger. Go here to read her story and the reason behind this blog, If you want to send her a quick message, then visit her contact page here.

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I haven’t had the chance to dive into its coastal beauty yet, so I’ll just give you a quick peek now and save the details for the next article. 

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